Rental Application Form
Please submit one per adult
Please read entire form before submitting, please note if not completed form will not allow you to submit.
Full Name
Reason for leaving, include agent if applicable and their details
Current Address
Time at current residence and amount paid per week
Date of Birth
Number of applicants and names of any over 18
Pets Breed/s and Age/s
Number of children and ages
Current Employer or Source of income
Contact person and number of current employer
Period of employment and Part/Casual or Full Time
Second source of income (if applicable) this might be a second job or centrelink ect
Contact person - second income
Average weekly wage
Average weekly wage - second income
Pervious address
Contact person - Previous address
Amount per week - - Previous address
Time at residence - Previous address
Reason for leaving - Previous address
Have you been evicted from a premises YES/NO
Have you ever been in debt for another premises YES/NO
Have you ever had any deductions from your bond YES/NO
Do you authorise us to do Reference and TICA checks YES/NO
Tenant acknowledges if approved 2 weeks rent and 4 Weeks bond is required
Please email ID and proof of income to [email protected]
Anything else?
If YES to any of the above please put description here
Please read prior to submitting

  • No BOND transfers will be accepted
  • By submitting this form you ackowlege refernce checks may be completed by our office to your employer, past agents or other
  • By submitting this form you ackowlege a TICA check may be conducted
  • We will accept 100 points of identification, proof of income will be required

License, proof of age card, birth certificate or passport                                         50 points
Rent receipts or tenant ledger                                                                                   30 points
Pay slips or Centerlink payment summary                                                               30 points
Bills or letters with full name and current address                                                  20 points
Cards - bank, medicare, library                                                                              10 per card

If you require other alternatives, please contcat our office.
Once submitted it will tell you success or what needs altering, if you wish for another form simply refresh your page!